IBRC2018 -
15th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference

June 28-29, 2018
Chieti University, Italy

Prof. Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Professor, Faculty of Physiotherapy
Opole Medical School, Poland
Director, International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy, Tokyo

It takes great pleasure to attend the 15th Conference of the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy to be held under the auspices of Chieti University 28-29 June 2018 in Pescara. As always the conference will be devoted to the restructuring of rehabilitation medicine to meet the strong public and patient demand for most efficient cutting edge methods in rehabilitation.
The issue cannot be underestimated in view of the rapidly aging societies and a growing shortage of economic and human resources to meet the demand for face-to-face rehabilitation. Although the personal approach of physiotherapist will possibly never be adequately substituted for something else of a comparable therapeutic meaning, at least in some areas of physiotherapy, such as proprioceptive muscular facilitation and the likes, motivated rehabilitation, in which the patient’s personal motivation and effort mitigates the need for extensive participation of therapists in the rehabilitation process, is a heady trend actively pursued by IBRA activities. IBRA performs an undaunted effort to effectively make the principles of motivated rehabilitation a reality and to put this method into practice.
It is great that the Italian scientific collaborators and sympathizers of IBRA joined in with an offer of cooperation in burden-sharing of spreading word and expanding the knowledge of, and rational for, motivated rehabilitation. IBRA conferences have always a lot of basic science and clinical research on the potential benefits of rehabilitation.
I have no doubts that that will also be the case at the upcoming conference in Chieti. The success of a conference lies in the attendees and free exchanges of ideas expertise, and experiences. The 2018 Conference will bring together therapists, researchers, clinicians, trialists, methodologists, and other allied professionals to update the current state of knowledge, to tackle controversies, and to outline some visions of further development of motivated rehabilitation-based therapy. I wish you all having a scientifically profitable and successful event.