IBRC2018 -
15th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference

June 28-29, 2018
Chieti University, Italy

Greetings – Our study

   (Taki) TAKIZAWA, Shigeo, (Founder / Inventor)
President, International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy
Professor, Biophilia Institute, the Designated and Registered Institute by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Dear colleagues,
On behalf of International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy, I am pleased to extend my heartfelt greetings to my friends all over the world in holding IBRC 2018.
The 15th IBRC has been thought that fewer lecturers who will join it than an ordinary year by the convenience of schedule determination.
However, we can say that it will be in a very lucky situation for our activity.
We have announced the activity at the time of new knowledge.
We have asserted the restructuring of the rehabilitation medicine by the possibility of being born by the knowledge.
IBRC for many years were the conferences, which show the cut edge of studies at the time of done.
Now, the specialized information journal “Kosei Fukushi” meaning “Welfare and Health” of the Jiji Press which is a news agency of Japan reported our activities for 20 years.
The author announced 26 articles of our study activity since 1998 on the Biophilia rehabilitation journal (2017) of the BRA of Japan based on those.
And prof. Tanaka who is a president of it and Prof. Pokorski who is a director of IBRA indicated that it was necessary to clarify those to the world.
Since IBRC 2018 has a time margin for my lecture, I can summarize the research activities since 1998 as the president.
Therefore, I will describe abstracts in the proceedings respectively, and I announce required contents about those this year.

Although I think my lecture requires time, please think it as the feature of IBRC 2018.
It is my pleasure if my lecture will become useful for our research activities, the restructuring of rehabilitation medicine, and also the improvement in the welfare of human beings.
I described one feature of IBRC 2018 from the viewpoint of President of the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy.
I hope it will be a fulfilling meeting for the participants and would like to extend my heartfelt celebration to the "15th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference.
In closing, I express deep gratitude to the efforts of Professors of Chieti-Pescara University and related person to prepare the holding IBRC2018.

Thank you!