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IBRC 2015

We become the impelling force of the revolution of hope through our study.

The meeting is planned to hold in IBRC 2015 on 22nd or 24th October, 2015.
We will let one who contacts us know as soon as we decide the date.

Let join to the Clinical test meeting.
At the IBRC 2015, we will carry out the meeting of the randomized controlled trial (RCT) between Motivative Exercise by oneself and Passive Exercise by a physical therapist about the intervention technique of rehab medicine as well as the meeting done last year. We are glad to hold the meeting showing as the result of our previous endeavor.
Although the details of enforcement will be decided at a meeting, the members of universities in Romania (agreed this year) and Italy (agreed last year) decided to join the RCT until today.

The mechanism clarification of the motivative exercise is progressing about the cerebral function. Both of the cerebral function study and the RCT will conduce to the restructuring of the Rehab medicine. Since any grant is not obtained at present, the RCT will be carried out at the burden of each participating institution. The devices are offered by the IBRA. However, please shoulder the mailing cost.

Anyone who wants to join the RCT under the above condition, please check the web link and contact me.

After the test, it is easy to make and a fabrication of the devices is freely possible in your country.
We expect your participation in the clinical test which opens one field of a new science by the restructuring of the Rehab medicine

Although the details of RCT will be determined from now on, the subject for discussion of the meeting is prepared by PDF in the web link. http://www.biophilia.pw/test/RCTenforcement.pdf

Please contact me, if you have any opinion after reading the PDF.

Chair of IBRC 2015, Prof. (Taki) TAKIZAWA, Shigeo, Biophilia Institute,

Co-chair of IBRC 2015, Prof. Toshiyuki Tanaka, Keio University

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