22-27, Oct. 2015 

Message for Conference

Invitation to IBRC 2015
12th INTERNATIONAL BIOPHILIA REHABILITATION CONFERENCE, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; October 22nd - 27th, 2015.


 Like in my previous greetings, I constantly appreciate the main focus of the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy: to stress upon one of the greatest challenges at this beginning of millennium, at global level, i.e. the accelerated demographic ageing process. As acknowledged at the European Union, too, there are strong connections between chronic diseases, frailty – inevitably related to ageing – and disability: their amount increase within the overall population, as people’s mean life duration and respectively, life expectancy, are enhancing, thus being a continuously growing social burden and related concern. Accordingly, I salute, once again, the adequate orientation of the IBRA academic endeavors, and particularly the theme chosen by the organizers for the 12th IBRC: ”Rehabilitation to the brain to to enable functional recovery”; this including because, as it is known, the severe brain degenerative, including cerebral-vascular sufferance – more frequent in elderly, especially in the ”oldest olds” – have the greatest disabling potential, resulting in impairments/ deficits, more or less marked and/or extended, mainly of: motor/ neural-muscle (tone and/or trophicity), coordination, balance, sensitive (including pain)/ – for TBI also sensory(al) –, cognitive/ consciousness/ behavioral, and/or communication, sphincter(s) control, endocrinological – kind(s).
Therefore, I wish great success also the this current – the 12th – edition of the IBRC !

Univ. Prof. Gelu Onose, MD, PhD, MSc – Romania
President of the Romanian Society for NeuroRehabilitation (RoSNeRa)