22-27, Oct. 2015 


Invitation to IBRC 2015
12th INTERNATIONAL BIOPHILIA REHABILITATION CONFERENCE, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; October 22nd - 27th, 2015.


Prof. Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Director of the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy

It takes me a great pleasure to be able to participate in the 12th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference (IBRC) to be held in Tokyo and Kyoto on October 23-27 2015 by the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy (IBRA).. This a meeting of international experts on rehabilitation medicine, collaborating and sympathizing with the Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy (BRA).

This organization, for years, advocates, a change in rehabilitation paradigm, to meet the challenge of the population aging worldwide, and, as a result, rapidly increasing need to prevent and treat the physical, but also cognitive and psychological decline of the old age.

Health and psychosocial problems of the aged are a global issue. Nowhere else as much as in Japan does the problem of a super-aged society come to the fore. The needs are tremendous and the human and economic resources are out of pace with the ever increasing longevity.

New approaches to rehabilitation, new ways of thinking, and a courage to change old habits related to one-to-one, therapist-to-patient, rehabilitation are necessary to achieve progress.

Motivated rehabilitation advocated by BRA, which involves the patient’s own psychosomatic skills to reacquire bodily functions, using the brain’s dormant reserve, has proven superior for the patient and also is labor and cost saving. Restructuring the rehabilitative treatment is a must.

Therefore, I greatly appreciate the activity and leading role of the IBRA in the rehabilitation field of research. I welcome the conference and am sure that it will be as successful and scientifically valuable as ever.

I wish all the success to the IBRA in this endeavor which helps combat frailty and disability of the aged. Biophilia – ‘love for life’ is inevitably linked to the physical and mental well-being and to maintaining healthspan, irrespective of age.