22-27, Oct. 2015 

(Taki) Takizawa, Shigeo, (Founder / Inventor)
President, International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy
Professor, Biophilia Institute, The Designated and Registered Institute
by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Dear colleagues,
I am honored to send the first Call for papers and Season's Greetings to you as a person in charge.

International BIOPHILIA Rehabilitation Conference (IBRC) for restructuring the Rehabilitation Medicine
Tokyo and Kyoto, JAPAN
Oct. 23 and 27, 2015

The 12th annual conference, IBRC 2015 is a leading international forum for the proposition of Rehabilitation Medicine, which can realize functional recovery.
We invite the submission of original research to innovate the Rehabilitation Medicine.

The Rehabilitation medicine must be the thing to re-acquires the people's body function with activating works of the brain by the latent powers which we have in the brain, and the Acceptance of Disability of people must not occupy a big portion of it.
The word “Biophilia” represents this process.
We have to restructure the rehabilitation medicine as the thing which re-acquires people's body function.

The International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy (IBRA), which is advancing researches for restructuring the Rehabilitation Medicine in order to contribute to human beings' welfare, is a small-scale society.

However, our proposition on the Rehabilitation Medicine has been endorsed more and more every year, the IBRC2014 poster was put up at the ISPRM 2014 Cancun with a request. As for the IBRC 2014 in Spain, end time was past 20:00. And it was the situation that the membership dinner was started after 23:00.

All the lecture hopes couldn’t be accepted in one day for the first time, and we had prepared the poster session. Furthermore, we refused the presentation hopes on account of time.
Therefore the paper collection of IBRC 2015 will be closed in June 2015, we prepared the occasional date on Oct. 24 in addition to the usual one-day holding.
In addition, when there are too many proposers we may end the application, without waiting for June. We will notice you about it as soon as possible.
Please understand.

IBRC 2015 WEB site was created, please check it if you have interest to join us.

Please enjoy the capital and ancient city in Japan, and far away exotic atmosphere.
Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year to you.

We hope you will join us in far away exotic atmosphere Japan and participate in advancing our knowledge of rehabilitation strategies.